Striking Steps in the Life of Horst Janssen


His poster painting at its peak.



Move to Hamburg-Blankenese to the coachman’s house near Bauer’s park.

Death of “auntie” – his adoptive mother.



First prize for graphic arts at the biennial of Venice.

Divorce of his third wife Verena. New relationship with Gesche Tietjens; together travel to the Ticino and the Scandinavian countries – 1971/72.



Beginning of his friendship with the art collector Gerhard Schack and the printer Hartmut Frielinghaus. Parallel:  relationship with Joachim Fest, later editor of the FAZ, and  the publishing company “Prophyläen” directed by Jobst Siedler.



Discovery of the landscape. Drawing and etching “according to nature” and the old masters.



Treatise: ”The making of an etching.”

“Hanno’s death” – 27 etched selfportraits.