Striking Steps in the Life of Horst Janssen


For four months, Bettina Sartorius moves in with Janssen.

Gesche Tietjens gives birth to their son Adam in Witzwort/Eiderstedt.

Second exhibition in the Kestner-Gesellschaft, Hannover.




Courting for Birgit Jacobsen.

The book “November” is produced.



Prize “Schiller” dedicated by the city of Mannheim



Erotic watercolour paintings after relationship to Viola Rackow and Kerstin Schlüter.



“I can’t go on” – farewell-poster to the capricious women. Passage from coloured pencil to pastel. Execution of three etchings, one, “Nigromontanus”, in adoration for Ernst Jünger. Intensification of his writing:” Notes concerning the Law” (1981) and “Pfänderspiel” (Game of forfeits) (1983).

Exhibition in the Art Institute of Chicago and the Busch-Reisinger Museum, Harvard University, Cambridge,Mass.