Striking Steps in the Life of Horst Janssen


Exhibition in the Albertina, Vienna, the Museum of Modern Art in Kamakura, Japan and the Munch Museum in Oslo, Norway.



Compiled works “Pfänderspiel” and “Nihil ut umbra”.

Travelling exhibition through important American museums.



Compiled works “Laokoon” and “Svanshall verkehrt”.

Janssen dedicates to his mistress Annette the series “Alter Mann und junges Mädchen” (Old man and young girl) with the subtitle “Die Bäume der Annette” (Annette’s trees).

Exhibition in Nowosibirsk and Moscow.



Falls down with the balcony of his house; as a result of acid burns, Janssen is threatened by blindness. He writes “Unfallbericht 19. Mai” (der Foliant) – (Report of an accident, 19.Mai)

In Oldenburg: Prize of the association “Die oldenburgische Landschaft”.