Striking Steps in the Life of Horst Janssen

Photo Gravestone


Heidrun Bobeth is the inspiration for the suite “Drollerei”

Exhibitions in: Albertinum, Dresden, Odakyu Grand Gallery, Tokyo Japan, and Munch Museum, Oslo Norway.



He is given the freedom of the city of Oldenburg

Exhibition in the Museum of Fine Arts, Leipzig.



Comprehensive show of his work in the city of Oldenburg.

Horst Janssen is hit by a stroke and dies on August 31st 1995; buried in the cemetery of S. Gertrude (Gertruden Kirchhof) in Oldenburg.



Creation of the Janssen-Gallery  in the newly built part of the Kunsthalle in Hamburg destined for changing exhibitions from the collections of Gerhard Schack and  the estate of Hartmut Frielinghaus.



Opening of the Horst-Janssen-Museum in Oldenburg.