Excerpts from the Extensive Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

"In Tessin", 1972, photography
In Tessin, 1972
from the cycle "Death Dance", 1974, etching
Death Dance, 1974
"Self", 1976, photoetching
Self, 1976

The portfolio Hannos death. This series of self-portraits deals with a serious illness. After recovery from the illness, Janssen produced 27 etchings in one week, which show approaching death in all stages of disintegration.
Portfolio Hokusai's walk

Norwegian sketchbook
Portfolio Minusio
Set of etchings Carnevale di Venezia and others

The November Book, collages, photos, words, texts, scribblings, drawings.
The artist deals with his childhood in Oldenburg.
Landscape, edited by Gerhard Schack, Christians-Verlag, Hamburg

Schiller Prize of the city of Mannheim

Retrospective of his drawings in the Kunsthalle Mannheim.
The start of his intensive cooperation with the printer Hartmut Frielinghaus.