Excerpts from the Extensive Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

"Anemone", 1981, pencil and crayon
Anemone, 1981
"Fixed Snatches", 1982, photography
Fixed Snatched, 1982
"Addressed", 1982, Pencil and pastel crayon
Addressed, 1982
"Dierk Lemcke at 10/7/82/Self with Sheephead", 1982, pastel
Dierk Lemke at 10/7/82/Self with Sheephead, 1982

Nigromontanus Ernst Jünger puzzle pictures
Exhibitions in Paris, Lübeck, Kyoto (Japan), Hamburg and other locations.
Record sleeves for recordings by the jazz saxophone player Sam Walker
Janssen as an author is published for the first time without Janssen as an illustrator.
The Moscow suite Tocka (melancholy) - dedicated to German bankers, Arkana-Verlag, Göttingen
Publication of the book Cross-section, essays, speeches, treatises, pamphlets, short stories, poems, personal remarks, Christians-Verlag, Hamburg

Extensive poster production, above all for numerous Janssen exhibitions around the world
I, the show-off a Quixotic work
Paranoia 40 colour panels
Comments on the Basic Law, Merlin-Verlag, Hamburg
Retrospective on the off-chance, published by Heinz Spielmann, Hamburg
Cross-section: essays, speeches, treatises, pamphlets (paperback edition with added drawings)