Excerpts from the Extensive Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

"Bad-tempered", 1983, watercolour
Bad-tempered, 1983
"Lemmy's Lust", 1983, pencil and pastel crayon
Lemmy's Lust, 1983
"as it rained cats", 1983, pencil, crayon and water colour
as it rained cats, 1983
"Zinsel", 1983, pastel crayon
Zinsel, 1983
"Diary of the Amaryllis", 1984, pencil and pastel crayon
Diary of the Amaryllis, 1984
"Self, 7/27+12/1/85", 1985, colour lithograph
Self, 7/27+12/1/85, 1985

November, 2nd. edition, Krefeld
The Forfeit Game, Gifkendorf
26 etchings for the Forfeit Game, Gifkendorf
Catalogue of all posters 1978 - 1983, edited by Hartmut Frielinghaus
Twelve Zinsel (???)
The guardian of the compost heap, fairy tales, Reinbek
Puppet pictures

Election as corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Fine Art, Munich
Falala, all kinds of rhymes over the years
The braid, Hamburg
Phyllis, Hamburg
If we have to, let us die, letter to Marion Gräfin Dönhoff

Exhibition in Novosibirsk
Regional Art Gallery
Eiderland, 25 etchings, Hamburg
Horst Janssen interviews Ida Ehre, Hamburg