Excerpts from the Extensive Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

"The Fool", 1986, pencil and crayon
The Fool, 1986
"Fatigue", 1986, pencil and crayon
Fatigue, 1986

Exhibitions in Düsseldorf, Schleswig, Frankfurt, Paris
Selected colour woodcuts, drawings, watercolours 1957
Eiderland and contrasting works Forfeit Game, Falala, etchings and lithographs, catalogue and editor: Thomas Gädeke
On and for me, Munich
Hommage à Tannewetzel, Hamburg
... Kasper Janssen ... for Annette, Hamburg
Loakoon. The trees of Annette, Hamburg
Pforzheim, Hamburg

Vriederich - Letter to Viola, Hamburg
If I were Mayor..., Hamburg
The race between the hare and the hedgehog on the Buxtehuder Heide, Pfullingen