Excerpts from the Extensive Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

"Turtle bobeth", 1990, pencil, pen, water colour
Turtle bobeth, 1990
"Daddy greets Verena", 1991, repainted Elvis-poster
Daddy greets Verena, 1991

Oldenburg Prize of the Oldenburgischen Landschaft, Oldenburg
Following a fall with the balcony of his house, he produces the portfolio with the accident report 19th May 1990.
Etchings and lithographs from 1957 - 1990, Hamburg
Caprice/Message dessinés, Hamburg
Eberhard, 15 caprices, Hamburg
How to hang Janssen, Hamburg
Nine heads I, Hamburg
Etchings and lithographs using stylus, Hamburg
Exhibition in New York

Letters to VauHa, Offenbach
1929, Hamburg
Exhibitions in Dresden and Oslo
Travelling exhibition in Japan
Claude Bernard, exhibition catalogue, New York
drollery, Hamburg
One hundred posters, Munich
Nine heads II, Hamburg