Excerpts from the Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

"Artes Galleri (Samurai), 9th January 1992", 1992, collage out of folded textil and water colour over pencil
Artes Galleri (Samurai), 1992
"Japanese Ambitions, 22nd March 1993", 1993, collage, water colours and pencil
Japanese Ambitions, 22nd March 1993
"Self extended", 1993, crayon, pastel crayon
Selbf extenden, 1993

Honorary citizenship of the city of Oldenburg
The folio
Eros' death and mask
Exhibition in Leipzig

Nature Morte, Hamburg
Exhibition in Taiwan

Exhibitions in Hamburg
Selected etchings 1984 - 1994
12 watercolour prints 1947
Letter to Ekkehard
25 non-sellers
A hundred heads. Twenty-nine times not myself
Landscapes 1984 - 1994, edited by Gerhard Kaufmann, Hamburg
Dialogue, reference and copy, Hamburg
Self: worded: Illustrated letters, edited by Gertraut and Wilhelm Hornborstel, Heidelberg