A Matter Of Friendship

25 years Friends and Sponsors of the Horst Janssen Museum

3 June to 3 October 2022 / 2nd floor

"Experience art, meet friends" is the association motto of the Friends and Sponsors of the Horst Janssen Museum, who are now celebrating their 25th anniversary with an exhibition. The association was founded on 3 June 1997 with the aim of setting up a museum for Horst Janssen, the famous North German draughtsman, graphic artist, author and honorary citizen of the city of Oldenburg. Three years after the association was founded, the Horst Janssen Museum opened its doors in 2000 and to this day the association supports and promotes the house thanks to the civic commitment of its more than 360 members.

A journey through time

The anniversary exhibition invites visitors on a journey through the history of the association. Over the years, the association has continuously added to the museum's collection of works. A best of the acquisitions can be seen in the exhibition. Also on display are excerpts from the "Contemporary Witnesses" project financed by the association, for which Janssen family members, gallery owners, publishers and companions were interviewed and filmed. The association has also sponsored exhibitions and a publication series over the years. The exhibition posters of the last 25 years provide an overview. In addition, you can browse through the various issues of the so-called "black series" in a cosy sitting area.

Scholarship launched

The latest coup of the Friends of Janssen is the scholarship that they have established together with the museum. The first scholarship holder - Aline Helmcke - is not only researching Janssen's early work, but is an artist herself and is juxtaposing her own works with Janssen's in the anniversary exhibition. And finally, members of the association can answer the question of their motivation for their commitment with Polaroids and statements.

A selection of the exhibited works