16 October 2021 until 16 January 2022

Location: 2nd exhibition level

"Wild, tender, unruly and psychedelic" is how Matthias Beckmann describes the draughtsmanship and life of Horst Janssen. The Horst Janssen Museum has invited him and Aline Helmcke, Petra Lottje, Bettina Munk and Norbert Trummer to explore this work. The five artists are one or two generations younger than Janssen and have been working in the field of drawing and artistic animation for years.

They were on site in the museum's graphic depot and studied Janssen's drawings, watercolours and etchings. It is impressive to see the special features they have tracked down: whimsical motifs and spun stories, the early Art Brut and the routine style of the mature Janssen. Above all, his self-portraits and a photograph by someone else's hand, as well as the artist's depictions of animals and still lifes, served as impulses for their own work.

These encounters resulted in very different animations, with an individual approach and their own artistic signature, underpinned with new sounds that enhance the intention of the films in each case. The technique of the presented animations ranges from stop-motion or picture-by-picture montage - a montage of images that was already used in the early days of animated film - to mixed forms of analogue drawings and paintings that are photographed and then set in motion digitally by graphic programmes.

The exhibition presents the three-part installation "Love of the cephalopod" by Petra Lottje on canvases and the animated films "y. J. (young Janssen)" by Aline Helmcke and "Jean Patou" by Matthias Beckmann as large projections on the wall. The animations "Show your wound - not" by Bettina Munk and "blukralafiratin" by Norbert Trummer are shown on monitors. Parallel to the exhibition, drawings and etchings by Horst Janssen from the collection can be seen, which became the inspiration for some of the animations. In addition, all artists are represented with drawings on paper or templates for the film.

"Janssen ANIMATED" is the second collaboration of the Horst Janssen Museum with Lines Fiction », the online platform for drawing and animation by Bettina Munk.