COSMOS JANSSEN: how he writes_

With "Cosmos Janssen: how he writes_" the Horst-Janssen-Museum highlights a further facet of draughtsman and graphic artist Horst Janssen, the scope of which has so far received little attention: for the first time, an exhibition is devoted to the "Wörterer", a creator of words, Horst Janssen as an author.

The focus lies on his essays and poems, his biographical texts and diary entries. They all exemplify exuberant expressiveness, imaginative word creations and associative ideas. Frequently, they also contain the author's personal wisdoms.

Janssen is also presented as a bookmaker with numerous examples in which he provided the illustrations: both for his own publications and for books by others such as Günter Grass or Peter Rühmkorf.

Last but not least, it is above all the sensitively drawn portraits of various 19th century authors, such as Heine, Tolstoy, Kleist and Fontane, in which Janssen traces the personality of the person portrayed. These, in part containing associative comments by Janssen, document his everlasting interest in literature and the writers themselves.