Miron Schmückle. Perpetuum florens

22 June to 20 October 2024

Ever-blooming - these are the plants that Miron Schmückle shows in the most magnificent colours in the finest watercolour and drawing techniques on paper. Ever-flowering, seductive and perfect, the flowers, stems and leaves are arranged by the artist into seemingly endless roundels. They spring from his imagination, botanically plausible, but invented and imagined.

Escape into nature
Miron Schmückle, born in 1966, lived as a child and young man under the dictatorship in Romania and found his personal escape in nature. He was particularly fascinated by historical depictions of plants from foreign countries. He dedicated his doctoral thesis to them in 2016. Schmückle has lived in Germany since 1988, studied in Kiel and Hamburg with Renate Anger and Marina Abramović and has had his studio in Berlin since 2008.

Beguiling drawings
The technically sophisticated and motivically beguiling drawings from the last twenty years are at the centre of the "Perpetuum florens" show and, for the first time, we are also showing a selection of preparatory sketches at the Horst Janssen Museum. In the photographic series "Hortus Conclusus" from 2003, Schmückle carefully presents individual plants in front of his naked upper body and allows the flower, which served as an attribute of the portrayed person in the Renaissance, to become the main protagonist. Reflection and artistic exploration of the plant kingdom, which is the basis of all life, are central concerns in Schmückle's work.

You can find an overview of Miron Schmückle's work on his official homepage »

Supporting programme
A co-operation with the Botanical Garden, lectures, guided tours and workshops enrich the cosmos of Miron Schmückle's erotically charged and meticulously composed works. 

With friendly support
We would like to thank the sponsors of this exhibition: the Art and Culture Foundation of the LzO, the EWE Foundation and the Friends and Sponsors of the Horst Janssen Museum Oldenburg e.V.