Investigation of the Oeuvre of Horst Janssen

A research centre dealing with Janssen’s work will be set up at the Horst-Janssen-Museum. The results of this research will be made public through publications and over the internet.

As early as 1995 the Stadtmuseum Oldenburg presented a catalogue of all etching cycles, which has become a standard work. Right now a catalogue of the entire C & C Vogel collection of the Claus Hüppe Foundation is being compiled.

The museum will make its collection accessible to anybody who can give evidence of a scientific interest in researching the art of Horst Janssen and related artists.

Address your enquiries to

Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg
Wissenschaftliche Leitung
Am Stadtmuseum 4 - 8
26121 Oldenburg

fon 0049 (0) 441-235-2891

or by email:


Horst Janssen woodcuts - who knows of published works?

The Horst-Janssen-Museum Oldenburg appeals for anybody who owns unpublished woodcuts by Horst Janssen or who knows somebody else who wants to contact the museum at the above address.