Horst Janssen, 1970s, Photo: Karin Elmers © Karin Elmers

Special Exhibition

Janssen and the Wood

Gnarled, intricate, virtuoso

17 February to 2 June 2024

Visitors looking at matchboxes Janssen painted on © OTM, Photo Stephan Walzl © OTM, Photo Stephan Walzl

Permanent exhibition

Horst Janssen: Life & Works

Experience the life and work of the exceptional artist

Christoph Niemann, "Current Lines" on the façade of the Horst Janssen Museum Oldenburg, daytime view, 2023, Photo: Andrey Gradetchliev © Andrey Gradetchliev

Façade art

Current Lines

Christoph Niemann designs 50 metre long mural

Work by Miron Schmückle © Miron Schmückle

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