Preview of Upcoming Exhibitions


Moving pictures by Matthias Beckmann, Aline Helmcke, Petra Lottje, Bettina Munk and Norbert Trummer

October 16, 2021 – January 16, 2022

The Horst Janssen Museum has invited five artists from Germany and Austria to explore Horst Janssen and his art in digital form. Matthias Beckmann, Alina Helmcke, Bettina Munk, Petra Lottje and Norbert Trummer are draftsmen and draftswomen of the next generation. Fascinated by Janssen's versatility or critical of his sprawling production, they are impressed by an artist who lived uncompromisingly with and from drawing.

The exhibition "Horst Janssen ANIMATED" expresses this critical appreciation. In the central medium of the 21st century, the moving image, facets of Janssen's artistic work are illuminated, quoted, and playfully employed. Perhaps Horst Janssen as a contemporary today would have expanded his work to include the medium of digital animation: this exhibition would certainly give him a taste for it.

Nanne Meyer – Uncharted Territory

January until April 2022

With Nanne Meyer (* 1953 Hamburg), the Horst Janssen Museum has invited a draftswoman who chose this medium many years ago. The medium of drawing does not restrict her, but inspires her - on the contrary - to ever new "world views". Her latest works revolve around nothing less than the universe. In the partly huge formats and very free compositions, the question is: Where am I located (in the world)? With titles such as "Universe," "Meteorites," "Edges of the World," "Free Fall," "Starry Tent," and "Quantum Foam," the artist shows diverse groups of works that evoke an aesthetic of wonder and uncertainty.

Nanne Meyer draws with pencil and colored pencil, wax and oil crayon, ballpoint pen, acrylic and ink, pastel, gouache, and emulsion paint, showing what drawing is capable of. The works are mostly from the current and last year and are shown on two floors of the house.